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The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many countries around the world to impose #lockdown on its citizens.

While the move will save many lives, #quaratinelife can be lonely.

Here are a few things that you can do to still nurture the connections you have, and to make new connections from the comfort of your own home.

1 – Hang out with your loved ones online!

We live in a time where anyone anywhere can be reached at the touch of a button (as long as there is Internet connection!) – so use all the video call apps you have on your smartphone/laptop liberally.
Facetime your parents, Zoom with your group of friends, Skype with your bestie – do it all with a drink in hand and a bowl of chips (or a tub of ice-cream – no one’s judging!)

2 – Play games with your friends and family

No one is advocating you to play games with their hearts, but playing actual games online can be a fun way to connect while you are afar.
Words With Friends 2 is an obvious choice, but you can also explore websites such as playingcards.io to play other games.

3 – Do an activity (virtually) together!

There are many activities that can be done together while apart! You can cook together … via video call. Or you can do a crossword together – the New Yorker magazine has just introduced a Partner Mode for its popular the New Yorker Crossword Puzzle.

4 – Make new friends online through After-6.com events!

#lockdownlife can be lonely sometimes and it is okay to admit that. Luckily for you, After-6.com has a thrice-weekly online meet up event that lets you meet strangers who are also looking to make new connections!
Go to (our events page link) to check out the meet ups!

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